Course Curriculum


The course curriculum is spread over four semesters of classroom instruction and practicals/Internship. The first and second semester subjects offer an in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of business administration with special emphasis on business environment, organization theory, quantitative methods, and computers in administration. The third and fourth semester introduces students to subjects of hospital management and information systems and total quality management etc. These courses strengthen functional skills and deepen the understanding of the multi-dimensional environment in which healthcare organizations operate.

Care is taken to provide exposure to various types of hospitals of different ownership patterns, organizational design, services, policy issues.


The cardinal concern of AIHA is to promote the philosophy of emphasizing self-learning. This requires an analytical mind, which proactively seeks the right knowledge, acquires the right skills and right attitudes. Helping the students develop better managerial capabilities and effectiveness is the prime object of the Institute.

Classroom learning is meant primarily for the theoretical inputs, which subsumes conceptual clarity, knowledge base, developing sensitivity to the business environment. Team learning is an effective approach, which AIHA has adopted. The student is invariably, put to work in teams all through his / her stay with Institute, since team management and team working is a prerequisite for a successful manager. Exchange of ideas, opinions, experiences are encouraged in the classroom, in teams, through group discussions and presentations.

Case Method pioneered at Harvard Business School is being adopted. Cases illustrating the contextual and process related aspects, which characterize hospital organizational problems, are used. This has been utilized since it forces decision-making under simulated hospital conditions and ensures optimum individual learning.

The methods of instruction utilized:

• Formal lectures
• Seminars / conferences / discussions on selected topics in hospital administration and principles of management,
• Case studies based on real-life situations from hospital and industrial establishments which require critical and rational analysis,
• Guest lectures from prominent executives of hospital and other industries to share their experiences,
• Field visits to various hospitals for observation and understanding of problems related to specific hospital and,
• Audio – visual equipment
• Weekly seminars are a regular feature. Speakers from various functional areas are invited to share their knowledge and expertise followed by    interactive session on Wednesdays’.
• Hospital Visit
• Know Your Hospital – on job training


The evaluation of students is done by holding internal and external examination. During the course of the semester each student will write three internal tests. The Osmania University conducts end semester examination. The degree is awarded by Osmania University.